Are Rent Prices In Chingford Springing Up?

Sun 26 Mar 2017

Are Rent Prices In Chingford Springing Up?

After a miserable, wet and windy winter, spring is finally here. But is it just the trees blossoming, or is it the local rental market as well?

In Chingford, it appears prices are certainly on the increase, with an approximate average price of a three-bedroom house increasing from around £1600 to around £1700 per month.

This change in the market can be partially attributed to the change in climate; with warmer weather on the way, Tenants thinking of moving will start to emerge and look around for a potential new nest. As people start to look forward to summer (us included!), they will consider events such as cocktail parties, BBQ’s and family get togethers, where guests become a key consideration. Therefore, anyone considering moving before winter will definitely be keen to see what is available.

This increase in prospective Tenants increases the demand for available properties, pushing the rental market prices up. So if you area a Tenant considering moving, now is the time to start viewing properties. For Landlords, make sure your property is in top condition, and there should be some excellent Tenants heading your way soon.