New Year, New Let

Tue 03 Jan 2017

With Christmas and New Year now over, everyone is beginning to focus on the year to come, and what it will hold for them. Alongside pledges to join a gym (possibly because of the Christmas period), now is the time young adults will look to move out of the parental home, couples will begin searching for a home to move into for the first time, and Tenants currently renting will look to upgrade from their present home. But how should you as a Landlord prepare for the year ahead?

Firstly, be organised. There are numerous legal requirements to adhere to as a Landlord, and now is the time to add dates into your diary. Check when any Gas Safety inspection certificates are due to expire, and make sure you schedule the inspections at least a few days before the expiry, so if any works need to be done, or your Gas Safe Engineer is unavailable, you have a few days’ grace. Also check for any electrical certificates, licences, EPC certificates and anything else that may be due to expire. Check when your insurances are due, and shop around in advance to make sure you get the best deal.

Should you currently have a vacant rental property, make sure it is clean and in good condition, as prospective Tenants will be looking for a home ready to move into. Try not to overlook the outside of the property, as any new Tenants will not want to spend time outside when it is cold pruning bushes, washing windows or tidying a garage.

Be realistic about the price you can achieve for your property, as although there are lots of potential Tenants at present, there are also lots of other rental properties to view. Whilst the market is moving quickly, we recommend you do your homework, and speak to a professional Letting Agent to obtain a realistic rental price. Most Landlords are more concerned with getting good Tenants than a few extra pounds, and a good Tenant who pays the rent on time and looks after the property will save you time and money.

From all of us at Arrow Lettings we wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year, and we hope to help you make 2017 great.