Spring Cleaning Your Investment

Wed 22 Feb 2017

It is the time of year when Spring is finally on its way again. The weather is warming up, the birds are starting to sing, and flowers are beginning to poke up from the barren soil. Many people are starting to think about their annual spring clean, and for Landlords, you should be thinking about your rental property too.

Whilst you will not need to “spring clean” inside a rental property (hopefully your Tenants will be taking care of that!), you should perhaps arrange to visit the property, and get on top of any maintenance jobs. Now is the time to assess any external issues, start those jobs you’ve been meaning to do, and if it is looking a little weathered, you could consider getting the outside of the property decorated. Even just repainting the wood on windows and doors will freshen the property up, improve its appearance and protect the wood from the elements.

Gardens should also be considered. No one, Landlord or Tenant, wants to garden in cold and wet weather. So now that the conditions are improving, assess the gardens and entrances to your property. Plants should be trimmed back, grass can be mown, and weeds can be removed from driveways and paths. Whilst most tenancy agreements will stipulate the garden is the Tenant’s responsibility, if it has been neglected over the winter, it may be nice to offer to arrange a gardener as a one off or to volunteer yourself to help get that jungle back under control, which will make it easier to maintain for the Tenants.

Should your property currently be vacant, make sure it is clean and fresh throughout, and as with the exterior, consider freshening it up with a coat of paint. Cleaning windows will also make a difference, and ensure the property is seen in the best possible light by any potential viewers. These can all have a positive effect on viewings, and, with a little spring cleaning, we hope to see you achieve a higher rent.