Tenants - What To Look For In A Property

Thu 29 Jun 2017


We often meet lots of Tenants who are interested in the same type of property, but have different key criteria. There is such a wide variety of properties available, that you can see several properties that meet your basic criteria but don’t tick all the boxes. So how can you narrow down your search so that you only see the relevant properties, but make sure get the right one?


Make sure you ask the right questions: If there is something in particular that is important to you (i.e. proximity to the station, a catchment for a certain school, off street parking) make sure you ask the agent before arranging a viewing. They will be able to answer questions as they will have been to the property. And do your homework, as a little bit of searching online can show you what is in the local area.


View Early: And by this we don’t mean at 7am! The saying “The early bird catches the worm” is very true in lettings, if the property looks good and is reasonably priced you will not be the only interested party. However, make sure you are committed before leaving a holding deposit, as this is usually non-refundable if you change your mind later.


Don’t rule out untidy properties: If the property is untidy, it may not be shown to its best potential with its current occupants. But don’t let this put you off, as they will be going (along with all their things) before you move in. If there is too much clutter to see the room size properly, a good tip is to look at the ceiling to get a better idea. Check you are happy with the condition of the walls and floors, as these will likely be the same. If you are unsure of a property because of cleanliness, you can stipulate that your offer is subject to a professional deep clean before you move in, providing this is agreed prior to your leaving a holding deposit, many Landlords will agree to this.


Choosing a new property is not always easy, however the above tips can help you make the most of viewings. Best of luck with your search!