What Makes A Good Letting Agent? Does Yours Measure Up?

Mon 08 May 2017


We like to think that most Letting Agents are very professional. Working in the industry ourselves, however, we are aware that sadly this is not always the case. Whilst we often hear stories about nightmare Landlords and Tenants (to the point where there are even reality television shows based around them now!) there are also too many stories regarding disorganised and even dishonest Letting Agents. So how does your agent measure up?


A good Letting Agent should take the stress out of property rental, whether you are a Landlord or Tenant. They should keep you informed of any issues arising at the property, and stay in regular contact with you. Likewise, there should also be someone able to get back to you promptly if you need to speak to them, rather than doing a better disappearing act than a magician. Below are some tips to help you make sure the agent you use really is worth their salt (and their commission):


1.       Make sure they are professional at all times. We have heard of agents who turn up in jeans and trainers for viewings – not quite the shiny suit you were expecting.

2.       Check their fees carefully, and ask questions – if their fees are low or high, they should be able to explain why this is the case, and remember, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

3.       Read the small print – some Letting Agents are excellent at offering a great deal, and it’s only later on you realise that deal wasn’t as good as you first thought.

4.       The agent should be contactable – if there is an issue, you need to be sure they will keep you informed and be available to discuss things with you. They should be chasing you, not the other way around.

5.       Don’t believe any handwritten slips you may get through the door from other agents who apparently have “a professional couple who want to view this property” – this is probably our biggest pet hate. This is not true, it is simply a trick to try to win an instruction. But do you really want a relationship with a dishonest agent???


Hopefully the above will give you a quick guide as to what to look for in a Letting Agent, and whether your current Letting Agent is doing their job properly. And if not? Well, you can always call us…